Steering Committee

Galway County Council, in association with Galway City Council and Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology are leading the bid process for the designation of Galway, West of Ireland as the European Region of Gastronomy in 2018. A number of other key stakeholders from across the City and County are also key to the achievement of this award and its success for the future.


The European Region of Gastronomy programme for Galway, West of Ireland will:


  • Showcase regional gastronomy at European level
  • Build regional identify by giving visibility to traditional food ways
  • Support local economies by stimulating public and private sector funding potential
  • Create strong links between sustainable tourism and cultural sectors
  • Provide a focus on innovation and learning to support smart growth
  • Develop awareness on wider food issues for healthy living and sustainability




Our Journey & Timelines



April 2015 – First meeting of Food community in Galway (part of the European Capital of Culture engagement

May 2015 – Eat Out Speak Out – Food focused community event where all participants gave their feedback on
the role of food and how important it is to the region and people

June 2015 – Food community meeting to review feedback from the Eat Out Speak Out and consider food projects
that may feature in the European Capital of Culture bid book

July 2015 – Attendance at ‘The Arts of Food’ meetings, hosted by the International Institute of Gastronomy,
Culture, Arts & Tourism (IGCAT) in Barcelona, Spain

August 2015 – Meeting with three lead partners to agree a programme of engagement to apply for ERG designation

September 2015 – Steering Group formed – membership covers public bodies, education institute, private sector

September 2015 – Public consultation planned inviting all stakeholders to attend and participate

October 2015 – Steering Group meetings take place
Review all feedback from consultation session. Education and Health have emerged as top two
themes. Shared results of this sessions with all attendees via email
Social media platforms launched

November 2015 – Steering Group meetings take place
Website launched
Bid book layout and design reviewed
Key projects identified and agreed by Steering Group
Consultation with key stakeholders

December 2015 – Bid book development begins – top five themes identified and projects aligned
Steering Group meetings take place
Consultation with key stakeholder’s on-going

January 2016 – Steering Group meetings take place
Bid book entitled ‘From the Ground Up – Feeding our Future’ completed and submitted to IGCAT
Consultation event with Food Festivals & Events to explore and discuss their role in our bid for
designation of this title in 2018

February 2016 – Preparation for Bid Book presentation

March 17th 2016 – Bid Book presented to IGCAT and an independent panel of experts (selection jury) for the European Region of Gastronomy award in North Brabant, Netherlands

March 17th 2016 – Galway, West of Ireland wins designation for 2018 on St. Patrick’s Day in the Netherlands

June 20th 2016 – Designation award ceremony taking place within the framework of the IFAMA conference in Aarhus – Central Denmark Region. Award will be presented by the European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Areas, Phil Hogan